Whether you were riding a bicycle or a pedestrian, Lipzen Law has extensive experience in obtaining the best possible recovery for your accident injuries. Given the unprotected position of a bike rider or a pedestrian, serious injury can often result from a collision with a motor vehicle.  Often the fault of such an accident lies with the driver of the vehicle and not the bicyclist or the pedestrian.


Driving is something you probably do every day without much thought. When you live in the DFW area of Texas, there is often frequent traffic congestion on the roads. With more traffic on the roads, serious and often fatal car accidents can occur.

Riding motorcycles is one of Texas’ favorite pastimes. However, as most riders are aware, this favorite activity can also be a dangerous one. Given their small size and build, motorcycles pose unique risks to riders. Introducing a negligent driver into the mix can quickly turn deadly. Lipzen Law has helped many clients after a serious motorcycle crash. We represent clients in Tarrant County, Dallas County, Denton County, and Collin County who are dealing with serious injuries following a motorcycle accident. 

Every day, hundreds of large commercial trucks travel I-35W, I-35E, I-30, I-20 and I-820 in the DFW area. These commercial trucks bring a variety of supplies and goods across Texas. However, from Amazon delivery trucks to large 18-wheelers, these trucks can pose a danger to everyone on the road. That is because truck accidents are often severe and catastrophic due to their size and weight.  

If you suffer an injury in a car, commercial truck, motorcycle, bicycle, or pedestrian accident, it is important to know where you can turn for help.  Lipzen Law knows that injured accident survivors need help during this difficult time. That is why we offer free case evaluations, so you can get the information you need with no risk.

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